What is Coaching and how can it help me to achieve my goals and improve me as a person?

"All coaching is, is taking a player where he can't take himself!"
Bill McCartney

We all have heard of Coaching in sports where the Coach assists the players to do their best and to develop the strategies that are going to help them to win the game. 

Personal, Executive or Business Coaching has elements of the same approach within its structure. The "Coach" helps the "Players"(Businesses or Individuals) 
to perform at their best, attain goals and overall win! (some people call this game as LIFE!!!)

Coaching is a conversation like no other, because the purpose of coaching conversation is always to move the client towards the results they are looking for!

Coaching is about asking great questions, because the philosophy is that the client may never have asked themselves the questions to get THE ANSWER!

Coaching is about being willing to think differently, because things need to be done differently to achieve different results!

Coaching is about tapping into clients ability to grow and learn, because as coaches, we understand that the client needs to cease the behaviours that do not work and learn new behavioural choices that will give the result they want!

Coaching is about exploring the truth, because who we are is much more than who we present to the world. At any time we are capable of far more things than we permit ourselves to imagine! As coaches, we guide our clients to tap into hidden resources within them!!

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